Granite is one of the most elegant and tough natural surfaces. It’s available in a variety of colors and styles. Beautiful for any home or commercial project application.

Pros: Extremely durable
Cons: Can stain if untreated


Marble is classically graceful. This igneous rock possesses marvelous monochromatic hues with delicate veining. It works beautifully in kitchens, baths and fireplaces.

Pros: Heat resistant 

Cons: Can stain and scratch


Quartz is masterfully engineered, composed of natural stone and crafted elements. It’s form and colors are constant from slab to slab.

Pros: Non-porous, very durable

Cons: Not heat resistant at very high temperatures


Solid surface is very versatile. It’s seamless integration and antibacterial nature make it excellent for commercial applications.

Pros: Seamless integration

Cons: Not heat resistant and easily scratched. (repairable)


Recycled glass is attractive because of its intricate patterns and designs. They’re composed of concrete and glass particulates. As a “green” material they’re also LEED complaint.

Pros: Eco-friendly

Cons: Can stain if untreated


Soapstone is elegantly minimalistic. It’s a composed serene gradient of gray tones. If continually treated with oil it becomes vibrant, highlighting its natural features.

Pros: Non porous, easy to clean

Cons: Can scratch if misused


Quartzite is quite strong and durable. Because its varieties closely resemble marble it’s a preferred alternative. Splendid in kitchen, bath and wall applications.

Pros: Strength and characteristics

Cons: Can stain if untreated


Onyx is simply breath taking. It’s unique blend of colors make this rare stone a stand out. Due to its translucent nature it can also be lit to showcase its stunning beauty.

Pros: Unique work of art

Cons: Fragile


Travertine has a rich creamy hue that brings a traditional tone to any space. Because of it’s durability it can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.

Pros: Versatility

Cons: Can stain and scratch

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